The SMU Foreign Languages College

The CFL dates back to 1965 when two undergraduate programs in English and French were launched. In 1978 the Foreign Languages Department was founded, and the following year saw the addition of the postgraduate program of Translation Theory and Practice, which in 1986 was authorized to confer an MA degree along with Beijing Foreign Studies University. The Department was upgraded to its present College status in 2002.

The CFL consists of four departments: English (for Shipping), Translation, Business English and Japanese, with a total student population around 1200. The undergraduate programs attach importance to solid foundations, special features, and instruction in small classes. Not surprisingly, over the past years the English majors have scored significantly higher than the average levels at the nation’s science and technology universities in the Tests for English Majors Grade 4 and 8 (TEM 4 and TEM 8). The Ministry of Education conducted a comprehensive quality assessment of our English bachelor’s degree program in 2006, and awarded an assessment of “Excellent”. The English, Translation and Business English disciplines were assessed by The Ministry of Education in the year 2015 and were approved with high composite rating.

The College runs a second-level-discipline doctoral program in Maritime Language and Application, and a first-level-discipline master’s degree program, which in turn governs three second-level-discipline programs: Foreign and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, and Japanese Language and Literature, as well as a professional program of Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI), with an aggregate student enrolment of nearly 150 students each year.

As well, the CFL contains the Division of College English Teaching composed of three College English Teaching Sections. It also includes the Maritime-Language Teaching Experimental Center, the Maritime-Language Information Processing and Translation Research Center, the Chinese Language and Culture Center, and an MOE Foreign Language Testing Center, as well as 8 research institutes in language, literature and translation.

Currently, the College is staffed by 131 full-time teachers, including 12 professors, 42 associate professors, and 38 PhD holders and candidates, whose studies cover such areas as cognitive linguistics, English and American literature, English-Chinese contrastive and translation studies, translation theory and practice, language policy and planning, second language acquisition, and Japanese language and literature.

Since 2008, the College has, thanks to its strong staff, undertaken 9 National Social Science Fund projects, and 17 Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal projects in the social sciences and the humanities.