The Dean’s Message

Dear friends,

The Foreign Languages College of Shanghai Maritime University runs a second-level-discipline doctoral program in Maritime Language and Application, a first-level-discipline master’s degree program, and a professional master program MTI. It also offers 4 bachelor’s programs in English (for Shipping), Translation, Business English, and Japanese. As well, it offers the College English courses for the university’s non-English majors. Moreover, it has a number of research institutes and a training and testing center.

The College’s core tasks include promoting teacher-student joint development, providing students with opportunities to apply knowledge to practice and serve the community, and creating an environment in which the staff members can improve themselves and meet challenges. The staff and students all cherish a beautiful dream, which has been passed down from generation to generation, in pursuit of which we share our joy. With common understanding of values and goals, we have forged ahead and sought excellence and success amidst opening and reform so as to fulfill our historical mission in the new era. 

Inspired by the historical mission, our staff and students expect you to join the Foreign Languages College to meet challenges and seek excellence together. Here, we will not only expand knowledge, foster cultural awareness, improve personality, share the joy of study, discovery and innovation, but also undertake the responsibilities of ameliorating the society. Let’s press ahead together for an early realization of our beautiful dream.

                                          Shang Xin

                                          Dean of SMU Foreign Languages College