Joint Programs between SMU with Nagasaki University of Foreign Languages

Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies is one of eight Foreign Studies University in Japan. There are only Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies and Nagasaki University of Short-term Foreign Studies in the Kansai region. Since ancient times, Nagasaki has been prosperous for its trading with various countries. As the birthplace of modern western civilization, it has glorious history. Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies has been committed to adopt the principle of Small Classes and Centralized Languages Education. Meantime, they attach great importance on students’ acquisition of true breeding, living wisdom as well as ability to practice.

1)    SMU and NUFS “2+2” Joint Program

During the first two years, the students study at College of Foreign Languages in SMU and then go for further education in Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies for the last two year. Permit applications are usually available during the second semester of second year. After four years studying, the students will obtain two degrees, respectively of Shanghai Maritime University and Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies.

Yearly Tuition and Fees: $10000

2)    SMU and NUFS “3+1” Joint Program

This program is short-term abroad-study program that students will be educated at their own expenses for one year, which is only available for undergraduates majored in Japanese. Students will go for study in the third year of undergraduate.

Yearly Tuition and Fees: $10000

3)    SMU and NUFS “Exchange Students” Program

This program is only available for undergraduates during their first semester of the second year or the third year at college, without paying the tuition.

Living Expenses: $5000

Application Requirements:

(1) Students who have good academic performance, or have reached the first-grade in Japanese Language Proficiency, or have been recognized to have the ability to use Japanese fluently.

(2) Students who have outstanding performance in all round and have been recommended by both the course teachers and instructors.

Application Date: To be confirmed yearly.

2+2 Program:  May 6

3+1/1-semester:  Oct. 31( Spring semester); 

May 31(Fall Semester)

ContactsLi Fang

Office: Room 514 of CFL

Telephone: 021-3828-2769