Joint Programs of “3+1”Double Bachelor Degrees and “3+1+1”Master Degree between Shanghai Maritime University with University Of Portsmouth


Joint Programs of “3+1”Double Bachelor Degrees and 3+1+1Master Degree between Shanghai Maritime University with University Of Portsmouth

I. Profile of the University

University of Portsmouth established in 1859 with 20000 students, including over 3500 international students now. The University ranks in the middle of all university in the United Kingdom with Linguistics ranking 12. Meanwhile, the business school joined the world MBA, which is only awarded to 128 top-level business schools in only 64 countries in the world. The University ranked top for 5 years among universities in the U.K. in terms of National Student Survey, even top 1 in 2012. The employment rate of graduates is up to 74%, above 7% of the average employment rate of English graduates.

University of Portsmouth locates in beautiful and vibrant Portsmouth city, southern part of the England, which is only 80-minute train away from the downtown of London. The city has a temperate climate with ample sunshine, remaining one the busiest ports in Great Britain. It is also base of Her Majestys Royal Navy and European headquarter of IBM.

The Shanghai Maritime University initiated the Summer Visit Program of English Teachers in University of Portsmouth with University of Portsmouth in 2008 , the Joint Training Program of 3+1 Double Major Bachelor Degree and 3+1+1 Master Degree with University of Portsmouth started in 2011 . These two universities will continue to have more extensive educational cooperation and exchange including students (exchange) studying abroad and study tour etc.

II. Overview of Project

Students applying for this project shall complete 3 years study in Foreign College of Shanghai Maritime University, who would then go to study in University of Portsmouth for the fourth year (two semesters). The students will complete the related courses of Bachelors Degree provided by the University of Portsmouth and undergraduate thesis as well as the defends of thesis when study in Britain. The project makes sure that credits in both universities are valid with mutual recognition, thus students in line with conditions of diploma and academic award will be awarded separately diploma and academic award of Shanghai Maritime University and University of Portsmouth.

III. Charges (Year 2015)

1.Intuition12000 pound/ academic year

2.Living Expenses 6000-7000 pound/ academic year

VI. Application Conditions

1. Patriotic, Disciplined with good character

2. Strong ability of living independently adapt to abroad study and life

3. Credits of IELTS over (includes) 6.5 with every score of the subject above 5.5

4. Complete and Pass all 3-year courses (credits) of Foreign Colleges in Shanghai Maritime University

5. Students applying for majors including Logistics shall have mathematical level above UK A Level

V. Majors Available

1.BA (Hons) International Trade and Business Communication

2.BA (Hons) International Trade Logistics and Business Communication

3.BA (Hons) International Business Communication

4.BA (Hons) Logistics and Business Communication

5.BA (Hons) Communication and English Studies

VI. Contacts

ContactsLi Fang

Office: Room 514 of CFL

Telephone: 021-3828-2769