Major disciplines of College of Foreign Languages include: translation; English and American culture & literature; comparison and translation of English and Chinese; language policy and planning; linguistics, second language acquisition and so on.

With regard to translation studies, senior scholars like Professor Han Zhonghua and Professor Wang Dawei enjoyed a good reputation in the academic circle, with up-and-coming youngsters like Professor Song Zhiping, Professor He Shaobin,  Associate Professor Geng Qiang and so on.A team led by Professor Song Zhiping has been engaged in a research of eco-translatology. The First International Seminar of International Eco-Translatology was successfully held here at Shanghai Maritime University, with our College of Foreign Languages entitled Associate Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Eco-Translatology, publication of International Association for Eco-Translatology Research.

In the aspect of comparison and translation of English and Chinese, we have a team consisting of senior scholars like Professor Wang Juquan and Professor Zuo Biao, and junior scholars like Professor Shang Xin, Associate Professor Shi Dongqin and Doctor Wang Lei. College of Foreign Languages is one of the standing institutions of China Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese (a national level institute), and responsible for the editing of its publication, Contrastive and Translation Studies of English and Chinese.The team of English & American culture and literature has been headed by Professor Wu Jianguo and Professor Rong Xinfang with some associate professors, including Zhao Guangxu, Guo Haixia and Guo Qin, as its backbone, and have made remarkable achievements in English & American culture and literature, as well as western literature criticism.

Besides a great many published research papers, the team also impressed the academic circle by translating quite a few classic English & American works. Speaking of the discipline of shipping English, which is a kind of business English characterized by the research of shipping English, College of Foreign Languages has made it one of the vice standing institutions of China Association of International Business English. The teaching & research team, led by Professor Mao Liqun and Professor Weng Fengxiang, has quite a say in the circle of business English teaching and research as well as shipping English, which is a distinguishing feature of Shanghai Maritime University. The discipline of linguistics has been best explained by senior professors, like Professor Zheng Lixin and Professor Wang Juquan, as well as professors of the younger generation, like Professor Liu Guohui and Professor Zhang Yan, with Associate Professor Xu Ningyun and Zhou Pin as the main force.Language Policy and Language Planning (a.k.a. LPP) is a newly-emerging discipline in China. Professor Cai Yongliang, along with Professor Zhang Zhiguo, has years of rich experience in research of this field, especially Professor Cai, who has been counted as one of the pioneers setting foot in the research of LPP.

About second language acquisition, major achievements have been made on provincial and key high-quality curriculums by the research team led by Professor Mu Congjun and with as its core force, Associate Professor Cui Shuzhen and Wang Yunsong.