Maritime Language Studies and Applications

Contributions Wanted Maritime Language Studies and Applications - IV.


1.      Scope


a. Researches on texts and translation theories of maritime documents.

Mainly including: (1) researches on international maritime conventions, laws and regulations, standards of technological texts (2) researches on translation theories of maritime documents


b. Researches on maritime languages.

Mainly including: (1) researches on standards and criterion of maritime language, (2) researches on education of maritime languages and (3) researches on maritime language tests and assessments.


c. Researches on maritime culture and communication strategies.

Mainly including: (1)researches on cultural differences of international seafarers, (2)researches on inter-cultural communication strategies and (3)researches on international maritime safety and culture.


d. Researches on English and Japanese teaching

Mainly including: (1)researches on textbooks and teaching methods (2) researches on teaching results (3) researches on English tests (4)researches on designs for courses and teaching results (5) researches on extended course teaching (6)researches on specific courses development and teaching


e. Other researches related to shipping.


2. Requirements

Papers of both English and Chinese versions, 4,000-8,000 words, sent electronically in MS Word format to with personal information including author’s name, institution, and contact information.


Looking forward to your papers.