Doctoral Program --Maritime Language Application

 A Brief Introduction of SMU Second-level-discipline Doctoral Program --Maritime Language Application

Filed by Ministry of Education in Nov. 2013, CFL of Shanghai Maritime University set up a doctoral program,called Maritime Language and Application, which is a second-level discipline under the first level discipline of Transport Engineering. The establishment of the doctoral program conforms to the requirement to build China into a powerful country in terms of maritime and build Shanghai into an international shipping center, in the mean time, it shows the foresight of SMU in discipline construction.

The doctoral program takes the soft environment of maritime transportation as the scope of research, and mainly researches maritime language and its application in maritime transportation, involving language theories and applications in international maritime-affairs, international shipping, international maritime law, and cross cultural maritime exchanges. The discipline has three orientations of research: maritime-document text analysis and translation principles, maritime language, and maritime culture and communication strategies.

The discipline employs a supervisory committee. The professors and teachers are well versed in maritime policy and legislation, seafaring education and management, ship operation safety and management, the study of maritime language and translation, English-Chinese contrastive and translation studies, etc. They have undertaken many research subjects        from the State, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipality, published a large number of high-quality academic research results, and won a number of ministerial and municipal awards, thus exerting a significant scholarly impact at home and abroad.

This discipline is scheduled to enroll PhD students in 2015, aiming at training international high-end talents who not only have a good command of maritime language and its application, but also are qualified in the coordinated work in international maritime organization. These talents are also expected to participate in  translating international maritime documents as well as in the platform of international speech and exchanges in the field of maritime.


Mar. 2015