Job title:Lecturer
Field of study:Comparative study of culture and literature, and American civilization

Education: PhD of Nanjing Normal University(2014)

Research Interests:  Comparative study of culture and literature, and American civilization.

Selected Publications:

The American Self-governing Tradition, Central Compilation & Translation Press. (expected 2016).

A Documentary History of American Civilization. with Mansu Qian and et al., Central Compilation & Translation Press. March 2014.

“The Genes of the American Culture,” Journal of Academic Exchange, (July 2015)

"The Rule of Law and the Public Spirit in the American Society" Journal of Nanjing Institute of Politics 30:177 (September 2014).

“From Assimilation to Respect—A Historical Reflection on American Indian Policies,” Forum of Economics & Politics, Vol. 3 (2014).

A translated book and 4 textbooks.


Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, 2014-1015, 2004-2005 (University-wide award)

Awards for International Exchange, 2009-2010 (University-wide award)

Academic Activities:

Visiting Scholar at Center of American and Candian Studies, University of Birmingham (UK)

Courses taught:

An Advanced Course of English Reading for Graduate Students, Culture and Translation for Graduate Students, An Advanced Course of English Writing for Graduate Students, Academic Writing, Listening and Speaking, Culture and Interpretation, Chinese Language and CultureCollege English