The First National Forum on Maritime Language and Application was held in SMU

The First National Forum on Maritime Language and Application was held in SMU

On Oct 10th, the First National Forum on Maritime Language and Application was held in SMU. With the topic of “Disciplinary construction and education of maritime language and its application in the perspective of China as a maritime power”. More than 50 experts attended the forum, including prof. Jin Yongxing, president of IMLA and party secretary of SMU; Ms. Tang Guomei, former head of international cooperation department of Ministry of Transport of PRC., and scholars from other colleges of foreign languages with second-level-discipline PhD programs.  

From the forum, consensus has been reached in the following five aspects:

1. Strengthen confidence in the disciplinary development of maritime language and its application;

2. Further specify the development objective of the discipline, i.e. develop liberal arts with the help of science and engineering majors in SMU;

3. Clarify education methods, i.e. combination of theory with practice, and cooperation of university and enterprise for talents with foreign language, foreign affairs, and expertise in certain field.

4. Confirm fields for the discipline, i.e. study of texts of maritime laws; maritime conventions texts and translation; ship/shore or ship/ship verbal communicating system; psychology and verbal communication between seafarers; evaluation of verbal communication of seafarers; language teaching etc.

5. Improve education environment and teaching infrastructures such as practice bases, translation and interpreting labs, maritime language processing centers and other platforms.