Zhou Pin

Zhou Pin

Job title:Associate Professor
Field of study:Cognitive Linguistics Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Science Research Methodology of Language


Job titleAssociate Professor
Field of study
Cognitive Linguistics Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Science Research Methodology of Language

Position: Master supervisor of English Language and Literature; Director of the English (Shipping) Department; Reviewer of Foreign Language and Cognitive Semantics. Member of Chinese Bio-linguistics Committee and China''s English - Chinese Comparative Study Committee.

1 Won the sasakawa prize, the highest liberal Arts Scholarship in Fudan University during the academic year 2007---2008
2 Won the 1st class scholarship in the School of Foreign Language of Fudan University in the academic year 2008
3 Won the award for Casio for the best paper of Fudan University
4 Won the 3rd class scholarship in the School of Foreign Language of Fudan University in the academic year 2006---2007
5 Won the recognition award in the 6th National Conference on Bilingual Dictionary Paper in November 2005
6 Won the recognition award in the 5th National Conference on Bilingual Dictionary Paper in November 2003
7 Won the recognition award for Undergraduate Course Teaching Quality of Wuhan University in 2003
Working Experience:
1 Engaged in Teaching and Scientific Research in the School of Foreign Language of Shanghai Maritime University from 2008 to the present
2 Engaged in Scientific Research of Post-Doctoral Mobile Station of School of Foreign Language of Shanghai Maritime University from July 2001 to May 2009
3 Engaged in English Teaching and Scientific Research in the School of Foreign Language of Wuhan University from October 2001 to May 2009
4 Engaged in the Translation of Science and Technology and Technical Argumentation in the Institute 717 of Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
Academic Position:
1 Elected as the Standing Director by Chinese and Western Language Philosophy Research Association in January 2008
2 Retained by Professional Committee of Bilingual Dictionary of Chinese as the director of it
Scientific Research Projects:
1 Currently in charge of  the Scientific Research Fund Project of Shanghai Maritime University:
The Exploration for Scientific Research Methodology of Language from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience
2 Funded by the 47th batches Post-Doctoral Science Fund in 2010, completed the research subject on the Reflection and Criticism of Lakoff & Jhonson’s Epistemological Basis of Cognitive Semantics Theory
3 Participated in the scientific research project of Wuhan Province from 2003---2006-To Explore the Effective Ways to Improve the Efficiency of English Learning through the Rule: Promoting study by Writing.( Project finished)
4 Chaired the approval project for the teaching material of Wuhan University within a 15-year period about the International Academic Exchange from 2004 to 2008, edited the International Academic Exchange English, which was published by Wuhan University Press
5 Participated in scientific research within Wuhan University-the Design of Communication Classroom Task from 2002---2004
6 Participated in High Quality Course Project of College English of Hubei province as the chief teacher
Main Works:

[1] A Methodological Model for Cognitive Neuro-linguistics [J]. Journal of Foreign Languages, 2016 (2).

[2] Tentative Study on the Methodology of Linguistic Science: Based on Cognitive Neuroscience [J]. Foreign Language Research, 2013 (1).

[3] Courses System Reform for Graduates Majored in Linguistics: Based on the Cognitive Development of Transdisciplinary Perspective [J]. Foreign Language World, 2013(02).

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[6] Exploration into the Reform of Linguistic Graduates’ Curriculum from Trans-disciplinary Perspective [J].Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal, 2014 (01).
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[10] Analyzing the Mutual Influence between Linguistics and Philosophy from the Perspective of Ternary Relation.[J]. (CSSCI source journals) 2010(4). 
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[12] on the Internal Criticism and the External Criticism of theory-a case study on the Dispute about the Length Approach between Wang Chunming and Wen Qiufang. [J]. Chinese Foreign Language, (CSSCI source journals) 2008(1): 52-56 ( abstract being sorted into Argument Edit by National People’s Congress Photocopy Data Press Language Philology 2008(4).
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[16] On the Problems and Difficulties Bothering the Scientific Realism of Constructivism of Halliday. [J]. Journal of Foreign Language. (Journal of Sichuan Foreign Language College). (source journal of extensive edition CSSCI) 2009 (1) : 116-121
[17] To Construct Foreign Language Teaching Theoretical Methods on the Basis of Ontological Law of Language- a case study on the Cognitive Analysis of Length Approach. [J]. Foreign Language and Translation. 2008 (1): 60-66
[18] The Feasibility of Cognitive Method System in Correcting Chinglish. [J]. Foreign Language Literature Review of Fudan University. A volume published in the Fall 2008: 132-141
Teaching Situation:
Current Teaching Course: Comprehensive English (III.IV)   Semantics. Academic Paper Writing

Advance English, Genre and Translation