Second Bachelors Degree Program

Non English majors in this program may have the opportunity to take part in TEM-4 and TEM-8 exams to facilitate their further study, employment or overseas study. Welcome for registration

I. Profile

Objective: practical talents specialized in foreign affairs, international affairs, news, economic and trade (esp. in shipping and maritime affairs), culture and science.

Time and duration: 3–year program , classes in weekends and summer vocations.

Curriculum: basic English, advanced English, reading, speaking, listening, basic writing, academic writing, translation, literature history, introduction to linguistics, English for international shipping, business English, cross cultural communication etc.

Credit scores of graduation: 55 points

Degree: B.A

II. Requirements

Training in listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and interpreting; general knowledge of English language and culture of English speaking countries.

III. Enrollment

Targets: Students enrolled in 2015 with a GPA not lower than 2.3 in their first semester.

Class: 2 classes, with a total of 110 students.

Enrollments: ranked according to GPA, and students of sciences or engineering are preferred.


RMB 100yuan/credit points

V. Contact

Program director: Dr. Liu Huidanoffice38282744