The Training Centre for Maritime Language Teaching and Research

The Training Centre for Maritime Language Teaching and Research in Shanghai Maritime University plays an important role in CFL foreign language teaching and practice. It is used for teaching, oral examination, and simultaneous interpretation training. At present, the center occupies an area of 835 square meters and its equipment costs more than RMB 3 million yuan. The vice dean of teaching management also serves as the director of the center, who is responsible for the laboratory construction.

Address: Room 315 in the CFL Building of Shanghai Maritime University


Contacts: Zhao, Qian and Zhao, Yaman

Tel/Fax: 021-38282777


Labs in CFL

Simultaneous interpretation laboratory 

Simultaneous interpretation laboratory in Room 326 of the CFL Building occupies an area of 137 square meters. It consists of 2 chairman seats, 14 representative seats, 4 booths and other software and hardware facilities. It is used for teaching and training simultaneous interpreters and holding conferences. The laboratory makes great contribution to the interpretation teaching and practice. It also serves for the accumulation and establishment of simultaneous interpretation corpus. What’s more, it undertakes small conferences in Lingang Area, achieving win-win situation.


Translation Laboratory

Translation Laboratory in room 324 of CFL Building occupies an area of 70 square meters and has 31 sets of SDL Trados computer-aided translation software, one set of SDL Trados Translation memory database server and one set of SDL Trados glossary server. Courses for undergraduates and graduates such as computer and network assisted translation and corpus translation are taken in this laboratory. It is also used for accumulating bilingual parallel corpus such as ship corpus, shipping corpus and so on.