Second-level-discipline PhD Program: Maritime Language and Application

Maritime Language and Application, a second-level discipline under the first-level discipline of Transport Engineering, takes the fertile environment of maritime transport as its research scope, studies maritime language and its application in transport engineering, and cultivates global-oriented high-caliber specialists with a comprehensive command of maritime language and its applications.

As an interdisciplinary program integrating transport engineering and foreign language/literature, it studies language communications in the fields of international shipping and transport, involving the language theory and application in international maritime affairs, international shipping, international maritime law, and cross-cultural maritime exchanges. The discipline has three orientations of research: maritime-document text analysis and translation principles, maritime language, and maritime culture and communication strategies.

This discipline employs a supervisory committee. The professors are well versed in maritime policy and legislation, seafaring education and management, ship operation safety and management, maritime language and translation, English-Chinese contrastive and translation studies, language policy and planning, etc. They have undertaken many research projects from the State, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipality, published large numbers of high-quality academic papers and monographs, and won a number of ministerial and municipal awards, thus exerting a significant scholarly impact at home and abroad.

The discipline is scheduled to enroll PhD students in 2015, aiming at producing international high-end specialists in areas like international maritime organizations, formulation and translation of international maritime standards, fulfillment of international maritime conventions, international maritime communications and exchanges, and the guarantee of the safety and efficiency of the transport system.