The Institute of Translation

Founded in May, 2010, the Institute of Translation has four PhD. holders. The main fields of study include eco-translatology, translation teaching, translation history of Ming and Qing Dynasties, sinology, maritime language translation, etc. This institute undertakes many subjects from National Social Science Fund, Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education, and Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Fund. Besides, this institute published five academic works and over ten outstanding papers in core journals, such as Journal of Foreign LanguagesChinese Translators JournalShanghai Translation, etc. Furthermore, the institute undertook to hold the 2nd International Eco-translatology Seminar, inviting many experts to deliver lectures, including Hu Gengshen, Xu Jun, Yang Ping, Fang Mengzhi, etc.


National Social Science Fund: Influence of Translation on the Evolution of Sinology in Modern Britain and America ( Prof. He Shaobin)

Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Fund: Research on Discourse System of China’s Translation during 1949 to 1966

Director: Song Zhiping

Members: He Shaobin, Yao Lisuo, Geng Qiang, Liu Huidan

Office: Room 315 in CFL

Tele: 38282778