Business English Department

The Department of Business English was founded in 2009 aiming for international shipping business as an important part of international shipping and a new emerging field cross-related with business negotiation, insurance, trade and finance. It also occupies an important role in the strategy of Building Shanghai into a shipping center. Relying on the characteristics of shipping and logistics of Shanghai Maritime University, the Department of Business English emphasizes on the teaching model of English + on the basis of guaranteeing English professional skills and cultivating English business talents with international shipping knowledge in maritime law, traffic management, maritime economy and merchant voyage. Most of the students work in the fields of shipping, logistics, e-business, exhibition, warehousing, and education. At present, the Department of Business English has 15 teachers, of whom 1 is professor, 3 are associate professors, 11 lecturers and 6 of them hold doctoral degrees (One is a doctoral candidate). It has established internship bases with the Shanghai Shipping Exchange and other international shipping institutions and enterprises.

Department Head: Wang, Xian (Room 314 in the CFL Building; Tel.: 38282756)