Translation Department

The predecessor of the Translation Department is the second department of English. In order to meet the needs of domestic demands for translators, CFL started translation major in 2015. At present, the Translation Department has 14 full-time teachers, of whom 2 are professors, 8 are associate professors, and 4 are lecturers and 71.4% of them hold doctoral degrees. It consists of translation study research institute, English-Chinese contrastive and applied studies research institute and other research institutes. The purpose of the Translation Department is to cultivate talents who are proficient in English and Chinese, Chinese and Western cultures and etiquette, and excellent intercultural communication skills and acquire business knowledge related to maritime industry. Students can not only be competent for the professional interpretation and translation work after graduation, but also engage in the general or management work in foreign affairs, foreign trade (especially logistics and shipping direction), and so on.

Department Head: Song, Zhiping (Room 305 in the CFL Building; Tel.: 38282736)