International Chinese Education Center

The predecessor of the International Chinese Education Center can be traced back to the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Department set up by Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) in the 1960s. This department was responsible for courses such as Chinese language and literature, and also teaches Chinese as a foreign language course for international students. In 1978, the Department of Foreign Languages was established in SMU, and then the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Department was incorporated into the Department of Foreign Languages. In 1982, the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Department was renamed the Chinese Teaching and Research Department. In 1996, the Department of Foreign Languages established the Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. In 2002, the Department of Foreign Languages was upgraded to the College of Foreign Languages (CFL), and the Chinese Teaching and Research Department was renamed the Chinese Language and Culture Center. In 2017, SMU was approved to add a new Chinese International Education master’s degree program. In 2018, CFL integrated teachers and related resources to set up the International Chinese Education Center.

The Center currently has a talented team of 7 full-time teachers, including 5 teachers who have got their ph.D degrees from domestic and overseas universities. In addition, the Center has invited 4 relevant professors from the CFL to serve as postgraduate tutors to assist cultivating the students of master of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages (MTCSOL).

The Center undertakes some undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including the Chinese literature and culture, comparative literature, comparison between English and Chinese, intercultural communication, Chinese international education. Since 2018, the center will recruit and cultivate MTCSOL students at home and abroad.

Professional direction of MTCSOL major includes:

a) Comparison between Chinese and foreign languages

By comparing Chinese with English and some Southeast Asian languages, this major presents the unique typological characteristics of Chinese, thus promoting the effective teaching of Chinese.

b) Maritime Chinese education

This major aims to cultivate the students to use Chinese for communication in shipping, ports, and logistics through teaching and training of relevant Chinese vocabulary, expressions, and textual features in these fields.

c) “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” culture and education

By explaining and discussing the cultures of countries along the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, and analyzing the importance of the communication between different cultures, students’ ability of effective cross-cultural communication is supposed to be cultivated.

Director: Ye Hui (Address: Room 208 in the CFL Building of Shanghai Maritime University, Tel: 021<span lang=EN-US ,serif;mso-bidi-font-family:arial;color:black''''= style=margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-size-adjust: none; line-height: 21px; font-family: Times New Roman;> -38282759)


Han Xin

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