Jin ping

Jin ping

Job title:Lecturer
Field of study:Contrastive Lingustics of Chinese and Japanese

    Research Areas: 

 Position:The Japanese teacher of College ofForeign Languages of  Shanghai MaritimeUniversity ,graduating from the foreign language department of SichuanUniversity,

 April 2000-March 2003 : Study in Japan PhyllisFemale College University ,get a master’s degree.

   Scientific Research ProjectCurrently responsible for thefund project of Shanghai MaritimeUniversity
Main Works 

The special training and grammar of new Japanese abilitytest ShanghaiJiaotongUniversitypress
   2009, Japanese compound verbs andtheir corresponding Chinese expression. The fifth“Journal lof North Research”
Japanese--Kyushu localcharacteristics of spoken language-“The Japanese research”
Courses: Advanced Japanese 3, Pratical  Writing in Japanese